WRO Vehicle Survey

Dear Colleagues

The WRO is asking WRO members and rescue workers from around the world to participate in a short survey, please share through your own networks, survey details and link below.

Environmental requirements are driving major changes in car fleets. In a few years, many alternative automotive propulsion like electric and hybrid vehicles have become available on the international market. This will necessarily impact road rescue and extrication operations. We want to know how rescue services are prepared for those challenges and we want to learn more about your procedures for responding to traffic accidents, in particular concerning the use of rescue sheets. The result of this survey will allow us on the one hand to incorporate the use of rescue sheets in our challenges and educational programs and on the other hand to share our experience with the developers of rescue sheets tools, car and rescue tool manufacturers.

It takes only one minute to complete the survey!

Available in 7 languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, German!


With thanks


Cameron Black QFSM
World Rescue Organisation

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