Message from the new ROI Chair

A Message from the new Chair of Rescue Organisation Ireland

Dear members,

I am delighted to have been appointed as the new Chair of Rescue Organisation Ireland (ROI). It is truly a privilege to Chair such an outstanding and progressive organisation, providing a platform for all our voluntary and emergency services nationally by sharing and advancing casualty centred training in rescue techniques and trauma management for the communities we serve.

I would like to start my tenure by expressing gratitude on behalf of ROI to the outgoing Chair, Mr. Padraig O’Longaigh, who deserves immense credit as one of the founding members of the organisation and for his dedicated service for over 12 years as an executive member. I would like to personally thank Padraig for his service to ROI and the wider emergency services community. In addition,  I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Noel O’Reilly and Mr. Paul Foley who have been very valuable committee members over the past number of years, we thank you all and I look forward to meeting you in a different capacity at future events.

I would also like to acknowledge Mr. Declan Cassidy for his outstanding commitment; he has fulfilled a number of roles in the organisation and in particular as Treasurer and Secretary. Declan will remain on the committee and provide much needed assistance in developing and expanding the organisation. This year we also saw Mr. Ray Martin elected as Director of Operations, Mr. John Lally as Secretary and Ms. Sam Byrne joined the committee. Congratulations and I look forward to working with you all.

Our aim will continue to be focused on bringing together members of the voluntary and statutory emergency services to share, learn and exchange knowledge; techniques in order to develop skills for real world scenarios of combined rescue and medical interventions.

This past year has seen unprecedented changes but as we begin a new year, we must look back learn from our struggles and successes knowing we have become stronger as an organisation and as a community because of them. The world of rescue is changing and I am sure many of you have felt this change in your own profession. Sharing our experiences and lessons learnt is helpful for us all as we navigate the future.

As the Chair, I am keen to listen, learn and act where appropriate. I am excited by the prospect of engaging with the members, our partner organisations and the World Rescue Organisation during my tenure and learn from your experiences, and your ideas for improvement. My role is to support the committee and my executive colleagues, in doing so I hope to help in putting any necessary improvements into action. In all that the ROI does, there should be a culture of engagement, dynamism to make change when needed, as we progress with a visionary proactive approach.

It is both a great honour and a great responsibility to have been elected the next Chair of ROI. I am immensely excited by the prospect of working with you all over the next two years to deliver the vision of ROI.

Thank you for your continued support,

Michael Gahan

Chair of ROI

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